The Story of L’Entreprise360

The story of L’entreprise360 began when two life partners, Louis-Philippe Gauthier and Marie-Eve Bali combined their passions to produce an effective structure to develop better health and wellness in the workplace.

Marie-Eve and Louis-Philippe officially teamed up in 2013 to venture into the field of health and wellness. They both left the corporate world to offer a completely different service: wellness in the workplace. Together they founded L’entreprise360 to help others discover their full potential through regular physical activity; for the pleasures of being active and an effective mental recovery.

Having lived it themselves, the motivation to spread the knowledge of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is second nature for this dynamic duo. By combining their shared experiences, they motivate, inspire to transcend self-confidence while teaching discipline and personal growth.

Their mission is to establish an internal organizational process geared toward health prevention programs and to support human resources
practices to help significantly improve productivity and wellness for everyone in the corporate world.

Biography of the founders

Louis-Philippe Gauthier

Louis-Philippe discovered the culture of mixed martial arts while serving in the Canadian Army from 2005 to 2009. In these four years of service, a friend and colleague introduced him to Jiu-Jitsu, and he been involved in the sport since. As he is a dedicated self-taught learner, this Brazilian martial art triggered a true personal growth in him, allowing him to understand the movement of the art, the dynamics of the body as well as his own capabilities. He continued his practice at the world-renowned academy, Gracie Barra Montreal, under the supervision of Professor Bruno Fernandez. After only one year, driven by his passion, he became certified as an instructor, fulfilling his desire to help others. Through self-discipline, daily trainings, seminars and competitions, Louis-Philippe has gained the essential knowledge and experience needed to take his practice and instruction to the next level. In 2009, began competing in sport of mixed martial arts, first as an amateur fighter and as a professional, with six wins and two losses he retired from the sport in 2011. Louis-Philippe continues to evolve in his quest for a balance of body and mind, while teaching fitness classes and conducting personal trainings for all levels. With the wind in the sails, he left his job and now focuses on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how it can be translated into the corporate world.

Marie-Eve Bali

Marie-Eve Bali, graduated from university in 2004 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Communications in hand. For almost ten years she has worked in renowned, prestigious national and international advertising agencies. In 2006, she realised the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle began boxing and kickboxing daily at the famous Tristar gym, under the tutelage of the legendary Conrad Pla, Marcos Pinas Quiroz and Nathalie Forget, to release and manage stress levels. In 2009, she founded her own production business to free up her schedule and refine the art of Olympic boxing. In five years, facing exceptional and experienced opponents, Marie-Eve beat the odds to become provincial champion twice. Classified as an “elite athlete” in 2010 by the MELS (Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport) her journey ends at the final Canadian Championships in Halifax. From attaining this elite status as an athlete, Marie-Eve has become an authority of the values and benefits of physical activity for optimal stress management and overall wellness. In 2016, she obtains a certificate of professional specialization for the launch of a company.