L’ENTREPRISE360 is a workplace wellness services. The benefits of exercise prove a positive mental health, a better physical health, a greater sense of stress management and an inhance team collaboration. In order to reduce depression and reach a level of daily happiness; exercise and a healthy lifestyle are key.

Our Health and Wellness Incentive Programs promote social connection in the workplace in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

We offer adapted and evolving activities through fitness.

We listen to the needs of the employer, while staying abreast of employee perspectives.

We are the fun solution to prevent psychological distress and deterioration of physical abilities.

We support the Human Resources Department in their goals of reducing absenteeism and improving employee retention.

Based on the employee benefits programs and the importance of a happy and healthy employee; our service promotes the benefits of regular exercise to boosts productivity, corporate culture and its impact on the organization’s performance.


Mobilizing the workforce has the power to make an organization shine by giving it multiple benefits, such as maintaining a good work climate, attracting and retaining the workforce, providing administrative efficiency, the quality of products and services, customer satisfaction or furthermore the reputation of the organization.