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The health and wellness program launch conference, helps to present ourselves, to answer questions from participants and to share our approaches that are the sources of motivation for a process that stands out for its success.

Team360 is a partner of choice for the implementation of concrete health and wellness incentives in the workplace.

As part of a health prevention program, we offer adapted and scalable physical and mental health interventions as well as a vegetarian lunch box discovery.

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Did you know?

The Human Development is a key factor in the development  of society. This notion seeks to include “Wellness” based on the articles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So we can be saying that the human development consists of meeting the identified needs in Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid as an individual basic needs. Through our conferences and culinary discoveries we help construct the sense of belonging by sharing facts and common objectives: Wellness and Self-Fulfillment. Your involvement and investment will result in its reward such as a better quality of life and a bigger motivation. Thus, assuredly will leave you richer memories of your work and the organization in which you are evolving in.

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