Downtime Workshop

Our mindfulness relaxation activities promote well-being and reduce stress. Excellent for everyone’s mental health at work!

As a result, the working environment changes; a better quality of life at work improves communication between colleagues, increasing individual and collective productivity. Our approach is holistic, that is, our health and wellness incentives are conceptualized to consider the individual as a whole; physical, psychological, social, ecological and spiritual factors.

Mental Health At Work

We all have a mental health to take care of; an indisputable hygiene of life. Mental health at work is obviously everybody’s business.

Mental illness, such as anxiety and depression are still taboo in our modern societies where performance takes over mental health. In addition, some individuals, whether on a regular or recurrent basis, experience sleep disturbances that have a negative impact on their social life, their physical and mental health. These sleep disorders, which affect about 25% of the population, are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. In respect to these important aspects of health and well-being, our mental rest workshops are short and effective; thus allowing a healthy recovery of the metabolism and limit the negative.

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Team360 deploys its workforce to your work environment on a regular and consistent basis.

An accessible, human and inclusive external ressource ofr improving any dream job.

L’ENTREPRISE360 acts on the correlation between the need for team spirit and the objectives of the organization for a beter productivity, a better mobilization of the employees and a better commitment of all to the company.

Did you know?

Several studies in psychology and mental health shows that mental rest is vital to the health and productivity of the individual. Our mental downtime and recovery workshops have proven to not only reduce stress but also to restore individual attention and motivation which allows an increase in creativity and efficiency of the work to be accomplished.

  • This translates to about 47 to 62 minutes of additional productivity per week.

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