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Our healthy meals incentive is designed to complement an organization’s health care benefits by offering the option of a vegetarian menu.

A lunch box that allows healthy food ready to eat for 4 colleagues and more. Several choices are available and our healthy meals are delivered at the office or at home.

The clinic of nutritionist-dietitian Anne-Marie Roy, who’s been eating responsibly for almost 20 years, shows that plant-based diets often reverse many health problems such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, hypertension,hypercholesterolemia, obesity etc …

Under the philosophy adopted by David Suzuki, “less flesh, more green” we advocate flexitarianism, a dietary practice that consists of being flexible in vegetarian practice; do not suddenly change your diet, but simply reduce the daily intake of meat and replace the industrial diet with a healthy meal plans that help to compose varied, balanced and delicious menus.

At work, a green lunch requires less enzymes for digestion and therefore allows a better concentration thus avoiding energy losses in the afternoon! Our incentive “healthy fridge” allows this ecological shift, easily available.

Complete the healthy turn around by planning your meals and discover our delicious vegetarian options for 4 or more teammates.

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Did you know?

A lifestyle based on veganism, would provide the best protection against cancer, said Dr. Michael Greger, nutrition specialist and popular American presenter. He presented these conclusions after consulting more than 5,000 articles on nutrition published in the scientific literature in recent years. Dr. Greger is itself became vegan in the 90s, when the work of the renowned Dr. Dean Ornish has shown that a life plan based on a vegetarian diet, regular exercise, the practice of yoga and meditation could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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